Custom Artwork

when we finish your piece

By nature, we are a paint-your-own-pottery studio which means YOU paint-your-own-pottery. However, we realize that there are occasions when you may want a little (or a lot) of extra help! There are two different situations when we take a brush to your piece…


Personalization is adding a quick name & age to your piece, typically “tucked” by a foot or handprint. The charge for this is $2/print if we are just personalizing your piece. This may add a few days to the usual turn around time of 7 days because of the volume of requests for personalization. Additionally, this is in a “handwritten” font, nothing fancy schmancy and under 1/2 “ in height.


Customization is when WE take a brush to YOUR piece and do a little bit more than personalization noted above. It’s really a matter of what YOU are comfortable with based on your time, mood and desire to paint – or to not paint!

If you are not painting because you’re intimidated by the process, please let us know! We have oodles of easy-to-do tips, tricks and techniques to assist you. That is the BEST part of our job – helping you along the painting journey. Back to customization…

We can provide full customization (for those who never want to pickup a brush) or partial customization. Customization charges are based on an hourly rate of $25. This is in addition to the piece itself and charges vary based on the amount of customization, and the time it will take to complete. Most hand/foot print pieces $37.50 for custom art charges. Wedding plates typically start around $50.

Full customization includes things like painting a monogrammed wedding platter or recreating a wedding invite on a plate. Turning a handprint into a hamburger (a great gift for Dad, btw!), footprints into a snowmen, handprints into turkeys – the ideas are endless!

Partial customization means we are putting the finishing touch to your masterpiece such as adding a decorative border. Or, in most cases, writing on your piece, Whether it be a sentiment such as “Bless this Home”, “Merry Christmas”, “Grandma’s Angels” or a verse or phrase such as “Every good and perfect gift comes from above” James 1:17.

If you have an idea – bring a picture or a sketch, a visual will help us land on the same page with what you had in mind. We can also surf the web at Walls of Clay and brainstorm together and we have a photo album with tons of pictures as well as samples around our studio.

Please note:  Saturdays and Sundays during the holiday seasons are the busiest days for us in the studio.  If you need special attention such as assistance with brainstorming ideas or a bunch of hand/foot prints – the weekends might not be the best time to visit our studio.  Though we do understand the needs of working customers and/or busy schedules, we know the weekends might be your only chance to visit us – we will do our best to give you the attention you deserve.  As an option, we are open until 9pm Friday.