Covid 19 & Moving Foward

Options for Creating

  • Reservations for In-Studio Creating:
    • Reservations are available for groups of 3 or more makers.  Table limits of 2 hours and staggered start times will continue.
  • Walk-ins are Welcome for In-Studio Creating:
    • Walk-ins are always welcome, but availability is limited and reservations will take priority.   We suggest calling ahead to check on table availability, please call just before you are ready to leave.  We can hold a table for 15 minutes.
  • Semi-Private and Private Event Reservations:
    • We will continue to offer both options for those that wish to either create in a studio by themselves (private events/after hours) or in our party room (semi-private event).
  • Pottery 2 Go, DIY 2 Go and Create & Celebrate 2 Go:
    • We will continue to offer lots of options for creating at home or the location of your choice.

Mask Policy

  • Though encouraged, face masks are not a requirement for creating in our studio, effective March 10, 2021. Please be aware there may be guests without masks or some with masks that are not being worn properly.
  • If you are immuno-compromised, in a high-risk group or uncomfortable with this policy, please consider purchasing pottery to go.
  • We are acutely aware that not all of our customers are in agreement with wearing or not wearing masks.  This has been one of the single hardest challenges to face as a business owner because either way, we cannot make everyone happy.  This is a family-owned business, we care about our customers and everyone’s well-being; physically, mentally, and creatively.  The days of simply being a pottery studio to create and have fun are complicated now.  We always strive for balance and wish for all of our makers to feel comfortable to create and relax, whether in our studio or at home.  This is our 20th year in business and we never want to disappoint.  That being said, we find ourselves, yet again, in a situation where we can’t please everyone.
  • Respectfully and with an abundance of gratitude, we ask for grace and patience as we navigate through this next phase.  Please be kind to our team members, they are not responsible for the policies, I am, as the owner. Our staff has been incredibly flexible and supportive over the past year.  They have worked hard to help us reach 20 years in downtown McKinney – they deserve respect and kindness as do each of you.

Stay safe, stay kind and we hope to create with you again.  xoxo, Jenn

Create In Studio

reservations recommended

Walls of Clay is a creative art studio located in historic downtown McKinney, Texas since 2001.  We offer pottery painting/glazing, glass fusing, wine and beer glass painting and more on a walk-in basis.  Our studio strives to be “a happy place” for those who want to create, connect, and celebrate. No experience is necessary to have a unique experience filled with FUN, CREATIVITY and lots of IMAGINATION.

Party Time – Save the Date

reservation needed

(kiddos ages 5 – teen)

(after studio hours)

(during studio hours)

“It’s a party now!” “The more the merrier!” “Lettuce turnip the beet!” Get the picture yet? We LOVE a reason for a creative get together (oh and a pun or two doesn’t hurt either). Walls of Clay offers a variety of packages perfect for ages 5 – tweens & teens. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, team spirit event, Girl Scout badge/patch party…it doesn’t matter, we just need your creative spirit and we’ll supply the rest. And grown-ups have just as much (if not more) fun than our pint-sized creators! Your group can gather before or after studio hours or hold a semi-private event in our party room during studio hours.

Workshops & More

reservations required

(kiddos ages 5 – tween)

(kiddos ages 5 – tween)

(kiddos ages 6 – tween)

(grown up pottery)

(grown up glass)

(corporate creativity)

(kiddos ages 5 – tween)

(gift of creativity)

Check out our calendar or the workshops above! We offer monthly workshops for kiddos and grown-ups and the medium varies from pottery, glass, clay hand building to canvas. Looking for perfection or fine arts? We’ll be honest, this may not be the studio for you as our workshops are light-hearted, fun and often a way to learn a new technique, tip or trick to help you along the creative journey. We embrace imperfection with the goal in mind to provide a happy space where people can create and connect and have some fun.