Off-Site Fun for Grown-Ups

reservations required

Thank you for considering Walls of Clay, we would be thrilled to host an off-site event at your location. Walls of Clay has been in downtown McKinney for 18+ years and have worked with hundreds of groups over the years. We are not a franchise, but rather family owned business and can work with your group to tailor a field trip to fit most needs. Please find attached some information to help you in making your decision. If you have other questions, check availability or reserve a date, please contact us at 972.547.4472 and ask for Jenn (owner) or send us an email.

What can we do at your location?

We have a variety of affordable pottery projects starting at $20 per painter.

What is the cost?

Pricing is dependent upon the project you choose. See below for some ideas. Prices do not include sales tax. If your organization is tax-exempt, we must have a tax-exempt form on file before the end of your event, or you will be charged sales tax with no refunds. In addition to the cost of the project itself, a travel fee for locations outside of McKinney and it’s bordering cities will be added.

How much time is needed to complete the project?

Typically, we need two hours for painting per group.  Also, we suggest budgeting 30 minutes before and after for set-up and clean-up by our staff.

How many painters can you accommodate at a time?

As many as you have, the more, the merrier!  Please note:  There are minimum requirements, which vary per project.  Please see below for more information.

When will our projects be ready?

It depends on the size of your group.  Pottery projects (kiln fired) have a turnaround of 7 – 14 days; the amount of time varies per project and time of year.  For holiday projects, please budget 2 – 3 weeks for turnaround time.

What do I need to provide onsite for your visit?

Our team will need tables and chairs for the painters to create at and access to water (sink) to clean brushes.  Our pottery paints (glazes) are water | washer friendly and wipes off of tables, chairs, floors, clothes, etc.

What does the pricing include?

We do our best to make this as hassle-free and enjoyable for your guests to create and connect.  We will provide 30 minutes of set up before start time, 120 minutes of creative fun and 30 minutes for cleanup.  Our Creatologists will bring all of the materials needed to complete the project.

What is required to reserve a date and time?

A refundable* deposit per date is required, we cannot hold a date without a deposit.   Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel your event or do not meet the minimum number required.  In the event you do not reach the minimum required, Walls of Clay reserves the right to cancel | postpone (one time) the event.  If you need to reschedule for any reason (illness, weather, low attendance, schedule conflict, etc.), you may do so one time providing you have given us 72 hours advance notice. No shows will not be refunded or credited.


How do I pay the deposit?

Please email ( or call the studio to check availability.

When and how do I pay the balance?

All balances are due at least 72 hours before your event.  If this is a group invoice, for example a corporate event, please let us know and we will send you a link for payment.  If painters are paying individually, we will send a link and password for your painters to register and pay online. Again, payment in full for each person is required at least 72 hours in advance.

What are the available projects and how much per painter?

Pottery: Ice Cream Bowl ~ $20 per painter

Bubbles are always fun and used to create this cool design on an ice cream bowl.  You can choose to have an instructor-led design (all painters paint step-by-step) or “free-style” (painters’ choice of designs).  For instructor-led projects; painters can pick their “flavor”; strawberry, mint chocolate chip or blue ice or choose our sweet summer watermelon theme.  All pieces are food safe after they are kiln-fired – so fun AND functional. 

 Minimum number registered and in attendance: 15

Pottery: Mug 16oz ~ $24 per painter

A great blank “canvas” to paint freestyle or you can opt for an instructive led design such as a stencil or logo. Mugs can be used for beverages, planter, or pencil/pen holder. All pieces are food safe after they are kiln-fired – so fun AND functional.

 Minimum number registered and in attendance: 15

Pottery: What A Dish ~ $24 per painter

An assortment of dishes will be provided; including 16oz mugs, bowls and a trendy collection of dessert plates. A great blank “canvas” to paint freestyle or you can opt for an instructive led design such as a stencil or logo. Dishes are food safe and functional.

Minimum number registered and in attendance: 15

Pottery: Paint & Pour ~ $47 per painter

We can take our in-house Paint & Pour event and bring it to you!  Pick one of our past workshop projects, and we will walk your group through the project step-by-step.  Learn some cool new tips and techniques to create a trendy, every day, or holiday keepsake.

Minimum number registered and in attendance: 10

Pottery: Farm-to-Table Stoneware ~ $53 – $63 per painter

You can choose between a serving bowl or casserole dish.  Unlike our regular bisque, these pieces are made from high fire stoneware clay, which is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe along with their trending farmhouse appeal. All pieces are food safe after they are kiln-fired – so fun AND functional.  

Minimum number registered and in attendance: 10

Pottery: Vintage Christmas Tree or Light Up Cactus ~ $74 – $90 per painter

Painters can choose between a vintage light-up Christmas tree or a trendy light up cactus.  Both come with multicolored light set, star and light kit (plug & bulb).  We feature our kiln-fired glazes for a finish that will last years to come!

 Minimum number registered and in attendance: 8