Terms & Conditions

Table Reservations | Front of Studio

TERMS & CONDITIONS (a.k.a. nitty gritty / the stuff you REALLY should read)

Walls of Clay has been in downtown McKinney for 19+ years. Our practices, policies, and procedures are fair. Our number one goal is to provide an awesome experience for our guest(s) and our policies allow us to do just that.

We have never had the need to implement time limits or impose minimum projects/makers per table. However, for us to sustain our small business, this is our new reality, at least temporarily. We appreciate your patience and grace as we navigate through this challenging time.


  • To adhere to mandated occupancy rates, each table will be available in two-hour blocks.
  • One (1) two-hour block per group.
  • Depending on how many makers (painters/glass fusers) are in your party, you can choose between a 4-top (Table for 4) or a 6-top (Table for 6).
  • Your two-hour block begins not when you arrive, but rather the time you reserved. Your table will be released to our waitlist/walk-ins after 10 minutes.


  • 4-top tables require a minimum of 3 makers (3 projects), which allows for 1 non-maker, at the most.
  • 6-top tables require a minimum of 5 makers (5 projects), which also allows for 1 non-maker, at the most.
  • If you only have 1 or 2 in your group, you are welcome to visit us as a walk-in. You can call ahead, and we can save a table (if available) for 15 minutes.


  • McKinney Mayor Fuller issued an executive order to require masks to be worn in businesses; effective at noon on Wednesday, July 1st. This applies to both staff and customers, ages 10 years old and older.
  • If you are immunocompromised, in a high-risk group or uncomfortable with this policy, please consider purchasing pottery to go.


  • Due to the nature of kiln-fired arts, slight imperfections can occur. And on rare occasions, kiln fired pieces can crack, shatter or do the unexpected during the firing process. While we take every precaution to ensure that this does not happen, there are some factors that are beyond our control.
  • If a piece cracks or shatters, a credit will be issued along with a ginormous apology because we hate to see bad things happen to your creations.


  • For the time being, we are suspending our policy of permitting food and alcohol in the front section of our studio.


  • Pictures and/or videos may be taken during our workshops to use in print and online marketing/advertising.


  • I hereby release, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Walls of Clay LLC and its employees, agents, officers and directors from any and all damages, injuries, claims and causes of action which may accrue to or be asserted by me or any minor child of mine arising directly or indirectly out of my participation at Walls of Clay.